Speaking and Writing

I’m on a mission to demystify business law. Contracts, employment law, and regulatory compliance are not issues that should be keeping you up at night. They are tools to help your business grow and thrive. That’s why I spend plenty of time speaking and writing, not just for lawyers, but for business people who want to understand the law. Check this page to get updates about speaking engagements, replays, articles and supporting materials.

Entrepreneur Essentials with Jeff Kikel

In this episode of Jeff Kikel’s energetic and highly practical YouTube series, “Entrepreneur Essentials,” Jeff asked and I answered lots of questions about how new business owners can get their legal bearings and learn to see the law as a tool, not a trap.

2017 Small Business Festival

At the 2017 Small Business Festival, I shared “The Ten Best Legal Growth Moves for Entrepreneurs” with small business owners from all around Austin, Texas. Catch the video replay here: The Ten Best Legal Growth Moves (Video Replay) You can download a copy of the handout for this presentation here: The 10 Best Legal Growth Moves

HR SuperHeRoes

At this conference for Austin’s human resources professionals on July 28-29 2016, I spoke about the difference between contractors and employees, and how to characterize your work force in the way that makes the most sense for your business.  A copy of this presentation is available for download here:  Making Sense of Employees and Contractors

Getting Connected

At this conference for Austin entrepreneurs on August 30-31 2016, I spoke on a panel about legal challenges facing small business owners. Check out the video replay here: On Your Own As A Solopreneur

Executive Women in Texas Government Annual Conference

At this conference for women in Texas government on November 21, 2016, I spoke on how strong, consistent social media policies can help government agencies (and small businesses) spread their message without taking on unnecessary extra legal risks.  A copy of this presentation is available for download here:  Making Sense of Social Media Policies

Guest Inteview on Lawyerist

Podcast #76: Setting Flat Fees at a New Firm, with Jamie Whitney

In this episode of Sam Glover and Aaron Street’s excellent podcast, I break down exactly what goes into my flat fee arrangement, whether you have a one-off contract review or a long term litigation matter.