Outsourced General Counsel

Need to vet contract terms?  Have to terminate a problem employee? Navigating regulatory compliance issues?  I can help.

I’m an “outsourced general counsel.” I provide legal representation and advice to growing businesses on issues of contract law, employment law, and administrative law. Many large companies employ a general counsel (in some cases, a whole legal department) to handle these issues. Growing businesses have the same need to make fast-moving judgment calls in each of these areas, but may not need or want to bring an attorney on full time. That’s where I come in.

As a former “BigLaw” attorney and federal law clerk, I have seen how business disputes play out in state and federal courts, administrative proceedings, mediation, and on appeal. I’ve found that in most circumstances, litigation concerns should inform but not drive business strategy. For this reason, I typically provide business clients with advice about the worst-case scenarios, the likely scenarios, and their bottom-line legal obligations in a given situation, so that the executive team can make informed decisions about how to proceed in the best interest of the company.

I prioritize timely, responsive service.  Because my background includes litigation and dispute resolution, I approach business transactions with an eye to stopping litigation before it begins.  When a dispute is necessary, I will help you navigate it effectively and efficiently.  

I am here to support your business.  Contact me today for legal advice and representation.

Obligatory Disclaimer:  An initial contact does not constitute an attorney client relationship.  No attorney client relationship or privilege attaches to our communications until you and I agree, in writing, to the creation of such a relationship.  My guarantee of professional, timely service does not guarantee a particular outcome.