Your Family Business Lawyer

I provide legal representation and advice to family businesses. Some days, that means we are talking about contract law or employment law. Some days, that means we are putting together an estate plan to protect both your business and your loved ones. Some days, we are figuring out how to manage a separation– in the business or in the family– as smoothly as possible. Whatever the issue, you can count on me to help you plan for the future and protect what you have built.

I prioritize timely, responsive service.  Because my background includes litigation and dispute resolution, I approach business transactions with an eye to stopping litigation before it begins.  When a dispute is necessary, I will help you navigate it effectively and efficiently.  

I am here to support your business and your family.  Contact me today for legal advice and representation.

Obligatory Disclaimer:  An initial contact does not constitute an attorney client relationship.  No attorney client relationship or privilege attaches to our communications until you and I agree, in writing, to the creation of such a relationship.  My guarantee of professional, timely service does not guarantee a particular outcome.